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      Be Prepared Blog

      Getting Started

      Getting Started

      We know how it is. You know you should be prepared for an emergency, but you aren't. You start doing searches for some information. You are hopeful that in a few minutes, you will be on your way to the security and peace of mind you want for yourself and your family.

      Then, a half hour later, you are so overwhelmed with information that you can't even begin to make a decision. Every site has hundreds of products in dozens of categories. Every product description says it's "necessary." All the images and packages begin to look alike. It becomes hopeless. You close the tab on your browser, and forget all about it until you read about the next emergency situation happening, and know again that but for the luck of the draw, it could have been you. 

      You repeat the process with the same results.

      At ESS, we work hard to make the process of getting started easier and more understandable. We find out what you are trying to accomplish, and then go from there, instead of throwing a bunch of products at you and hoping you buy a few. 

      We have a very short form you can download and fill out. It's purpose is not to be comprehensive in any way, but to make sure that with your desires, your needs, your current situation and your budget, you do the most you can with your emergency preparedness plan. We'll point you in the directions you want to go, and narrow the search down for you. In the process, you will find that your confidence in being able to make it through any kind of emergency situation will grow, as will your peace of mind when you look at the people you are providing for.

      You can get the short form here.


      Getting Your Survival Priorities Figured Out

      Getting Your Survival Priorities Figured Out

      Emergency preparedness can either be a smooth, complete process, or it can be a hit and miss conglomeration of items that really do not accomplish what you want to accomplish.

      It's a big difference between "I want to be able to survive for a few hours in a car during a winter storm," and "I want to be able to feed my family of four for a year." Likewise, "I want to be able to protect myself and family," are entirely different than, "I want to make sure we have water to drink."

      If you want to end up with an emergency preparedness plan that does what you want it to do, your first absolute must is that you decide exactly what it is that you want to do.

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